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Posljednji Liburn
srijeda, ožujak 19, 2008
Nadam se da ne smeta sto je tekst na engleskom, kopiram u potpunosti:

It seems, then, that there were at the north and at the south of Europe two great nations who knew the earliest arts, and commenced this struggle against physical nature, which our modern civilization continues with so much success. But both were subdued and cursed after their defeat by the war-like tribes, who looked upon work as servile labor, and made slavery the law of the ancient world. In Italy, where their first colonies settled at a remote epoch, the Pelasgians covered, under various names, the greater part of the coast. the coast. At the North, in the low plains of the Po, and along the Western coast from the Arno, there were Siculi, the founders of Tibur, a district of which was called the Sicelion; at the Southwest, the Chonians, Morgetes, and, above all, (OEnotrians, who had, like the Dorians of Sparta, public meals ; at the Smith-east, Daunians, Peucetians and Messapians, divided into Calabrians and Salentines, and said by tradition to come from Crete ; at the East, lastly, Liburnians, of that Illyrian race.
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